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The Old Schoolhouse Montessori School,

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Co Dublin.


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Montessori Programme


Below is some general information about the original ideas of Maria Montessori. She was an Italian doctor and educator in the early 20th century and she devised this programme of learning for local Italian children. Play is recognised as being a big part of learning nowadays. While this programme has been adapted to the contemporary child, the five key strands of the Montessori method of education have stood the test of time and are still in practice today.


The Montessori programme is divided into 5 key areas:



Practical Life: this area of the Montessori programme is sub-divided into 4 categories:



Sensorial: a series of graded exercises designed to develop the senses of the child.


Language: reading and writing skills are built up and all the time the child is subconsciously learning about spelling and grammar. Vocabulary is continuously increasing as the children are invited to contribute to group discussions.


Mathematics: this subject is taught not just numerically but as a subconscious recognition of numbers and their functions. This way the child does not forget what has been taught once the lesson has ended because they have an understanding of the topic, which is far more important for them.


Culture: teaching the children about the world they live in and the people who live within that world.


However, it is not just the academic side that is catered for in the true Montessori classroom. The social, emotional, physical and cultural development of the child is important too.

Social – learning to work, play and communicate with both children and adults in the classroom.


Emotional – learning independence. For some children it is their first time away from home without mum or dad and for others it can be the first time in a structured learning environment. They learn to do things for themselves and they learn to work independently alongside others. The children also learn responsibility and self-discipline as they choose their own work from the shelves and replace it when finished. As there is just one piece of each material in the classroom, the children learn to wait if another child is using what they want.


Physical – there are lots of opportunities for physical development as the children can play in the large astro-turf all-weather garden, a totally safe environment. Among other things, the children learn songs and poems with actions to them and they have tremendous fun practising for their annual Christmas concert and sports day.

Cultural – learning about the world around them. The children learn about their environment and different traditions around the world. This area covers a broad spectrum, from plants and animals to different traditions and flags.