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The Old Schoolhouse Montessori School,

The Crescent

(beside Spa Hotel)


Co Dublin.


Phone : 01 6282441

Mobile : 087 2919380


Email : info@montessorilucan.ie


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Montessori en Français


Montessori en Français is available at The Old Schoolhouse Montessori School in Lucan, with the class being led by a native French speaker.  This class will be covered under the ECCE Free Preschool Year scheme

If you would like to know more about the Montessori en Français programme, please don’t hesitate to contact

Frances for more information.  In the meantime, some Frequently Asked Questions are answered below. 


Parents are always welcome to visit us at the school, and bring the children with them – just contact us beforehand to arrange an appointment.







Just like in the naíonra, the children will be immersed in the French language for their three-hour Montessori preschool session.  The important thing is that children won’t be ‘taught’ the language, they will live it.  They will hear their teacher speak to them in French.



Children’s minds are like sponges.  They absorb any information or experiences that are around them.  They have no inhibitions about learning new things and, in fact, embrace anything new.  Experience from the naíonra has shown us how well the language immersion method of education works with young children.


Children are at the peak of their learning abilities up to about six years of age.  This is the period in their lives when they should be exposed to as many new opportunities as possible, whether or not they have a particular talent in that area.  Not everyone can be good at everything and that’s okay.  The important thing is that by participating in new learning in these early years, children will have the opportunities to maximise their abilities to their fullest potential.



The Old Schoolhouse Montessori School recognises that this could happen and so we are planning a series of after-school activities in French.  Parents may choose to avail of these activities for their children from September 2015.  Again, no language learning, just fun activities that happen to be carried out in French.



Children will still learn their sounds just as they do in the English-language Montessori room.  The difference will be that the examples used will be French examples.  However, the letters will still function the same way, so once children recognise the sound made by that letter, they can apply it in both French and English.  For example, whereas in English we might say S (sss) for Snake or Sun, etc., in French we would say S (sss) for Stylo or Soleil. 


Children will, of course, also continue to say English words that start with that sound to further their understanding of the function of the letter.